Esperance’s Lucky Bay Brewing is not the first ever brewery in Esperance, but we are the first to set-up in the past century!

There was a brewery in Esperance from 1896 – 1906. The ‘Esperance Cordial Factory and Brewery’ was built in 1895 at Lot 55 Dempster Street, by EJ McCarthy and designed by Thomas Edwards. It was a corrugated iron factory which later became the Esperance Brewery Company, opening on 31st Oct 1896 and brewing its own ‘Esperance Ale’.

The company was then purchased in 1906 from Esperance by an enthusiastic local committee who dismantled and rebuilt it on the east side of Ravensthorpe. It supplied ‘Raven’ brand ale and stow, also aerated waters in their own bottles under the name of Phillips River Brewery and Aerated Water Co. It was in operation until about 1916 when the population moved away after the onset of WW1. The building was sold and relocated to Lake Grace.

If someone has more info we’d love to hear it and share it!

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